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  • Relationship Status: single
  • Orientation: Bi
  • Religion: Jewish
  • Drink: Yes
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Children: Undecided
  • Education: In College
  • Occupation: Model, Actress, DJ

About Me:


If you think I'm cliche, you have another thing coming for you.

Lets turn the tables around for a second. I am Hollywood Royalty, living drug free

in the depths of the hills. About a mile up the hill a drop-off point where I can look over

the view of mid Los Angeles city. And down on Hollywood
Blvd where the crazies and cliches roam;
probably a whopping 60% of those people are east coast nobody's, hoping maybe, JUST MAYBE, they'll become something. It makes me mad that all these people take up my streets (If I see another sun visor or fanny-pack I'm lighting it on fire) 99% of the people who come here trying to make it, are talentless. I wish they'd all go home already. Nothing impresses me anymore, so your going to go through hell and back to convince me you have something. No more reality TV shows, for god's sake.

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Book Me: David Thomas-

Whatever baby wants, baby gets.

You'd be surprised about what people I like. I like them tall, skinny,

and nerdy with piercings, dimples and dirty jokes. Vodka shots,

Snickers-loving, white cheddar pasta craving, tea obsessed, people.

Loud, humorous, playing with my hair, dancing, classy-trashy MILFS (ahaha).

Shy people make me have anxiety attacks, so hint; don't be awkward.

If you live in LA i'll take you with me to places :)

And I'm taken.


Taxi's, Cuddling, Kisses, Long Hugs, Sunny Perfect Breezy Spring Days, Hatemail, Sleeping In, All Nighters, Sex, Parties, Hookah, Drinking, Music, Working.

Favorite Music:

The Medic Droid.